C412 Tactical Problem

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1. MISSION: Neutralize threat of militia within 96 hours in order to retain government legitimacy and restore control of the provincial capital and citadel.

2. ENEMY: Militia battalion and 5 other militia consisting of 21 M-1 Abrams, 20 M-2 BFVs, 8 M-198s, mortars and crew-served weapon system. Anticipated operational readiness rate is 70% with ability to sustain operations for 72 hours. Militia preferred tactics will be to develop defensive positions at key infrastructure (water treatment plant, military runway, railroad supply depot) and river crossing locations (ford site, class 90 bridge, and ferry site) in New Olaf. Citadel fortification will leverage artillery firing positions and crew-served weapons if U.S. forces are able to penetrate the city. Estimated strength is 6000 men.

3. TROOPS/RESOURCES/LOGISTICS: HBCT comprised of 2 Combined Arms Battalions (CABs), Fire Battalion, Reconnaissance Squadron, BSB, and BSTB. Each CAB has an organic engineer company. HBCT has the capability to conduct and sustain offensive and security operations using air assault assets and mounted breech capabilities. The limitation is that air assault assets will require aviation support that is not organic to HBCT. Estimated strength: 3800 soldiers.

4. TIME: Operations need to begin within next 24 hours and must be completed within 96 hours. Need to be prepared for follow-on operations to provide security and stability operations.

5. TERRAIN: Terrain favors the defense. There is a river that parallels the city border on the east side hindering tactical movement for vehicles and tanks to three crossing areas (ford site, 90 bridge and ferry site) and it is relatively open not allowing for the offense cover and concealment. The northwest avenue of approach cannot be used due to the international border between Northcountry and Malmesbury. The Citadel is surrounded by a 10 m stone wall with observation tower.

6. CIVILIANS/CULTURE: New Olaf is a...