Personal Problems

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There are many conflicts in a team, but don’t worry there is always a solution for every problem. A team is a group of people that work together for the same goals. Every member in the team has an own life outside the team, so it is normal that each member of the team has personal problems. When a member of the team has a poor self esteem it could be a difficult time for the team because this person is not secure of his/her self and is not sure about his/her work or thoughts. So this member would be participating less than the other team members. A good solution for this kind of problem is to talk to the person and give her/him security about her/his work and give her/him more security about her/his self. Moreover, the loss of a loved one is the biggest pain in life. Each person takes the loss of a loved one in a different ways. Everything depends on the person and their thoughts. If a member of the team crosses through an experience like that, the solution is to be close to the person and support in these difficult moments. In additions, it’s very important to motivate this person to continue with life and continue with the team’s work. Sometimes, we cross through a difficulty or a problem in our relationship. If someone in our team crosses through relationship problems it could be very hard to understand because each person reacts differently to these types of circumstances. Some people understand this type of problems and others are apathetic about the subject. Sometimes it is kind of hard to the person to go through this kind of situations because with it comes more than just relationship problems; it comes with the complications of low self-esteem, stress, nervous disorders, depression, health problems, and so on. In addition, for some people it is more important to fix their relationship problems that their responsibilities. For this kind of problems the team leader or/and the team members have to be very careful in how they speak with the person. Sometimes...