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Modern Political Propaganda

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Modern Political Propaganda

Propaganda is information which is regarded as biased or of misleading nature, in this context political propaganda is advanced by a group of people with certain ideologies. The Nazis belonged to the National Socialist German Workers' Party. The Nazi strategy involved the use of four kinds of propaganda namely; the propaganda through the written word, the spoken word, the mass marches and the cultural gathering Stark (1930).

The written word propaganda envisioned the most ideal principles in winning over the masses in favor of the Nazis. Stickers were used as a steering tool to drive the political agenda. They were made with the elementary purpose of stirring those who were indifferent to the political motives of the Nazis and unsettle them. This followed a set of procedures in preparation driven towards making them most effective. Identical stickers next to each other made a good effect, Stark (1930) and entailed presentation of brief but vivid words whose impact on the mass could be easily felt. The ultimate purpose was to ensure that the stickers caused a change of heart to those who share a contrary political opinion.

The Nazis designated the use of flyers majorly for announcing meetings. There was a preferred use of caricature Stark (1930) and “good pictures” (p. 6) as visual images have a lasting effect on a person’s memory compared to the use of words. In addition, flyers with colors appeal to emotion implying that a perfect pick would mean a huge win in popularity as the messages would be felt by people. This made the Nazis have an upper hand in their political campaign as appeal was of great importance to them.

The need to pass on brief messages was met by the use of leaflets. According to Stark (1930) leaflets “should appeal towards the enemy” ( p. 6). It involved the employment of a variety of styles, principle among them was the writing of important...