Bioinformatic Using Diferent Technique

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You have identified your enzyme and its properties correctly / partly correctly / incorrectly.

Your investigations and searches are complete / mostly complete / incomplete.

You have provided extensive / adequate / inadequate supporting information.

Your report demonstrates good / satisfactory / partial / inadequate understanding of the web site outputs.

Other comments:

Bioinformatics Report

Sequence file number: Seq09 Seq09 .txt

1. Results from BLASTn search (giving only one example of multiple matches to the same sequence from the same species/strain under different accessions, i,e whole genome, isolated gene, cDNA):

GenBank ID Description Score Frequency (E) value


PREDICTED: Pan troglodytes phosphorylase 488 8e-135


PREDICTED: Pan troglodytes phosphorylase 488 8e-135


PREDICTED: Pan troglodytes phosphorylase 488 8e-135


PREDICTED: Pan troglodytes phosphorylase 488 8e-135

XM_003314320.2 Homo sapiens phosphorylase, glycogen, liver 488 8e-135

2. Identity of gene & protein product, taken from best match above.

Protein name, species EMBL/Genbank code UniProt/PIR code

Glycogen phosphorylase (Liver), Homo sapiens NM_001163940.1


3. Physical properties:

pI: 5.31

Overall charge (i.e. +/- balance): Zero

GRAVY value: 0.907

Attach a print-out of a Kyte and Doolittle plot showing the hydrophobicity of your protein.


Using the scale Hphob. / Kyte & Doolittle, the individual values for the 20 amino acids are:

Ala: 1.800 Arg: -4.500 Asn: -3.500 Asp: -3.500 Cys: 2.500 Gln: -3.500

Glu: -3.500 Gly: -0.400 His: -3.200 Ile: 4.500 Leu: 3.800 Lys: -3.900

Met: 1.900 Phe: 2.800 Pro: -1.600 Ser: -0.800 Thr: -0.700 Trp: -0.900

Tyr: -1.300 Val: 4.200 : -3.500 : -3.500 : -0.490...