Jinnikins Jeans

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Executive Summary

This report is based on a case study named Jinnikins Jeans . It is a clothing company .My Report provides an summary of the company. It lobs light on different departments such as Human Resource and Information technology departments, stipulating the problems these departments are facing. These problems are then explained by different models , theories and definitions associated to their category. At last there are recommendations for Jinnikins Jeans which will help them to beat the problems they are facing.

Question: How far do you think Jinnikins Jeans’ approach to reward supports their business objectives, drawing on past and current data presented in the case study?


Jinnikins Jeans was established in the late 80’s by two brothers , George and Trevor , born and raised in the East End of London. As teenagers their original business was selling highly fashionable items of girls ‘ clothing from market stall sites throughout London and Birmingham. The items were sourced from India , using local and ‘value for money’ labour. By the end of the 80’s the business was considered a model of youthful entrepreneurism. In the early 90’s the business struggled in the recession . In the late 90’s this business expanded by taking over existing textile businesses and converting the factories to their own product lines. Their turn over is rated in multi millions. Their headquarters is located at Moseley , Birmingham where they have invested heavily.

The Management team of Jinnikins Jeans:

George – The Chairman of the board.

Trevor - Managing director

Lionel - Production director

Dan - Distribution manager.

Sandy - Financial Director

Etty - HR Director

Asha - Senior Designer on the Design System

Liam - The New Product Development Manager

The position for Marketing Director is presently vacant.


“Human resource management (HRM) is a...