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In my essay I will be analysing how much injustice and humiliation Celie had to stand being black, poor and oppressed 14 years old girl through the majority of her life in the rural Georgia in the first half of XIX century. She is a main character of the book of Alice Walker ‘’The Color Purple’’. The worst fact is that such a cruel treatment of women and children is widely heard in everyday life independently on society class, country or epoch, but the question is: does the justice always win? Do despots receive the equal punishment to inflicted pain by them? This novel very precisely shows the answer for these questions.

‘’The Color Purple’’ is epistolary and full of symbols novel .All content is expressed in the letters and hide many ways of interpretation for the reader .At that time the aspects like racism ,feminism ,patriarchy ,religion slightly undergone. These changes inspired Alice Walker to inscribe them as plots in her book. As only the first chapter starts, we can see how black women had to encounter slavery, sexual abusing or class inequality. The majority of the book proves that society where they all live is very religious and God is inseparable pointer how to act. Nevertheless, the main commandments of God are commonly broken for example: mistreating others, sexual abusing and human trade. That is why it lets the reader to associate this type of breaking rules with a cult seen by Margaret Singer as “leadership and those who follow breaking rules”( Ross, R. , 1999a) In the book we can easily notice how definition of” Robert Jay Lifton’s “charismatic leader” works(Ross,R.,1999b). The old generation –father of Albert teaches his son “do not allow talking the women like this to you” and he fallows this rules by telling...