Aggregate Manufacturing Line for Concrete

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A Nigeria quarry operator generates aggregates for use in street base, concrete and asphaproject report rotary kiln plant of bauxite calcinationlt from granite.

This operator has a unique two stage crushing plant which consists of a key (600900mm) 2436jaw crusher, two secondary (3001300mm) 1251 finer jaw crusher.

By far the most popularly expected sizes of aggregate during the marketplace are 0~3 16 (stone dust), three 16~1 two, 1 2~3 4 and 3 4~1. In this fines necessity, the operator only get 60~70 plenty of aggregate per hour. The present crushing plant is not able to meet the improving demand within the aggregate with fines requirement and todays progressively large normal on aggregate form.

This operator contacts with our enterprise and hope to expand his quarry.

In keeping with this operators necessity on fines and aggregate shape, our firm designs a 3 stage crushing plant which consists of a primary (9001200mm) 3648 jaw crusher, one particular secondary S51 cone crusher (normal style), and a single S51 cone crusher (brief head form) while in the tertiary section.

From this crushing plant, the operator can obtain a capability of 240~260tph of aggregate with 0~3 16 (stone dust), three 16~1 two, one 2~3 4 and three 4~1 sizes.

Advantage and Benefit:

As a result of the application of tertiary cone crusher with brief head variety, the consumer can get larger capability of aggregate with three 16~1 two and one 2~3 4 sizes (the percentage can reach to 76% in all aggregate), the price tag for aggregate with these two sizes are larger within the market place, so the consumer can get larger profit from this stone crushing plant

The aggregate made by jaw crusher doesnt have superior shape, the percentage of aggregate with elongation and flakiness shape is about 33~38%, so the operator not able to receive a very good selling price from the market. When this new crushing plant put into production, the consumer get aggregate with fantastic...