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Synopsis of Tort Cases

The information presented will identify visible tort actions to include potential plaintiffs; potential defendants, elements of tort claim, and potential defenses the defendants might assert. The information will provide a possible resolution to the tort claims to include legal reasons to support outcomes.

Scenario One –

Tort Actions

Scenario one discusses a scenario involving a gentleman named Daniel, his eight year old son Ruben and Malik a fan at the game. The tots start when Malik gets upset about the incomplete pass called. With the commotion Ruben gets a beer spilled on him. Ruben shoves Malik causing him to lose two teeth. Daniel gets fired because he believes Daniel gives alcohol to his son. When leaving Malik pulls a gun on Daniel and Daniel ends up shooting and killing him. He then goes into a diabetic coma and the cause of that could have resulted from the sugary soft drink he was given despite asking for two diet cokes.

Potential Plaintiffs and Defendants

The potential plaintiffs are Daniel and Malik. Daniel can possibly sue both his employer and the concession. His boss did not hesitate on firing him because Ruben smelled like beer. He would also sue the concession for selling him a sugary soft drink when he asked to two diet cokes. A portion of suit includes medical expenses. Malik would sue Daniel for shoving him into the aisle causing his front teeth to brake. Malik’s family would be the ones to sue Daniel for his death.

Elements of Tort Claim

The main elements of the claim are to obtain all of the information needed. Witnesses are capable to testify but on all parties for Malik’s and Daniels situation a trail will be longer due to the circumstances.

Potential Defenses of the Defendants

Potential defendants are Daniel, concession, and Daniels boss. Daniel will face trial for the death of Malik. Malik tried to scare Daniel by pointing an unarmed gun at him that caused his death. The concession will be sued...