Cloud Computing Security Architecture the Computing Model for Future James Alwyn Durai Xavier

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Cloud Computing Security Architecture The computing model for future

James Alwyn Durai Xavier1

Abstract—In the recent years there is an increasing interest among the researchers on security aspects of the cloud computing model. This is primarily because of the evolution of this new computational model, but mainly due to the advances in the technology which brings more threat and challenges to the society at large. In this paper we are proposing a three tier security model for a cloud service provider. This addresses the concerns of the small and medium enterprise (SME) organizations at the data layer, service layer and the network layer. We have also recommended the user organization security practices to be followed and managing the private key of the encryption in a robust manner preferably through an independent service provider. Keywords—Cloud Computing, Cloud Security, Encryption, Private Key, Public Key I. INTRODUCTION



omputers, which were predominantly used in 1960s in Scientific and Engineering computations entered into the Business world after inventions brought the cost of the computer down south. When people started using computers for simple business applications, they stored the data in a database and used the programs for processing the data. So, these applications were called Electronic Data Processing (EDP) applications. From simple electronic data processing applications such as Inventory management, Library management and hospital management, computer applications started growing in complexity after 1990. Several technologies and computing models have evolved over a period of time to address the issue of complex functionalities, variety of applications developed in different technologies and platforms to communicate to each other. Enterprise application Integration (EAI), Application Services, Web Services, Master Data Management, Data Warehousing and mining, Online services and Cloud...