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Week 3 Homework Case 3.1:  “ROWE and Flexible Work and Success at Best Buy” on page 140.  Answer the case study questions 1 & 2.

1. Discuss how a ROWE-type program would fit in organizations where you have worked. Explain why it would or would not work.

I believe a ROWE-type program would work well in my organization, having a results-oriented work environment means there is no work schedule and there are no face-to-face meetings. A results-oriented work environment allows employees to work when and where they want, as long as the results are in place. The ROWE program has flared well among a lot of organizations, with many organizations implementing the same. It provides flexibility to work part-time and work from home, which is a critical issue for many working females particularly and also among the male members where they can manage their family and work life very well. It provides a heightened sense of loyalty to the employees because they know that their boss trusts them to do their job sincerely, which in turn increases their pride and responsibility towards their work. It has been witnessed that productivity improves when the focus on work improves. It allows people to develop a better understanding of their job and eliminate office space time-wasters like "fake meetings" etc. ROWE also eliminates the illusion of productivity created by the "come early, leave late" mentality many firms require for promotion. Thus the focus is primarily towards results instead of punching the time clock or logging desk time. 

2. Identify factors in the ROWE program that might make using it for retail employees more difficult than using it for managers and employees in corporate offices, technical centers, and nonretail jobs and locations.

The ROWE-type program has been implemented by various organizations across a broad spectrum in different departments such as IT, back office, etc. But at places like retail stores or bank branches, where one...