How Biogenisis Was Disproved

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1- Why is biogenesis important for the germ theory of disease? Are they mutually exclusive or highly dependent on each other?

Biogenesis , the claim that living cells can arise only from preexisting living cells, along with the belief of spontaneous generation, the idea that some forms of life could arise spontaneously from nonliving matter where challenged by French scientist Louis Pasteur in 1861. Pasteur demonstrated that microorganisms are present in the air and can contaminate sterile solutions, but air itself does not create microbes. More specifically, he showed that microorganisms can not only be present in none living matter, but also on solids, in liquids, and in the air. Pasteur also concluded that microbial life can be destroyed by heat and by using a long neck flask bent in the shape of a S he was able to block the access of airborne microorganisms to nutrient environments.

Biogenesis, and Pasteur’s work that followed with his discoveries in fermentation and pasteurization created a chain reaction to the question: If microorganisms called yeast could convert sugars to alcohol, why couldn’t it be conceivable that microorganisms might have a similar relationship between plants and animals, specifically organisms that might cause disease, known as the germ theory of disease.

2- Who first suggested that the use of aseptic techniques would have a profound effect on the contraction on human diseases? In your answer, be sure to describe this effect.

An English surgeon named Joseph Lister, familiar with Louis Pasteur’s research connecting microbes to animal disease, and Ignaz Semmelweis’s demonstration that physicians who didn’t disinfect their hands routinely transmitted disease from on patient to the next, applied the germ theory to medical procedures. Although no one disinfected their hands at the time, Lister knew the phenol was able to kill bacteria and started applying carbolic acid to surgical wounds. Because of the reduction in infection...