Usm - Understanding Strategy Module

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CFairbrass (Module Leader for USM) of the ect. Excellent concluding section drawing together the various points made and adding an original perspective. Articulate & persuasive use of language. Consistently accurate user of grammar/spelling. Structure guides reader through argument. Presentation excellent.

Subject relevance Conclusion – problem solving

Written communication – spelling & grammar

Structure & presentation

Irrelevant or repetitive material. No proper concluding section. Poor or no attempt at application of knowledge. Purpose & meaning unclear. Language, grammar & spelling poor. Structure unclear. Poorly presented. This coursework has been penalised because it is significantly over length.

Some irrelevant or repetitive material. Conclusion repetitive, thin in content. Weak but satisfactory application of issues/theory. Language mainly fluent, but frequent errors of grammar or spelling. Problems with structure and presentation.

Some material repeated/overused. Conclusion attempted but some points missing. Reasonable application of knowledge to main issues/theory. Language mainly fluent. Grammar/spelling mainly accurate.

Structure coherent. Presentation satisfactory.


Not all sections carry the same weighting and the final mark reflects the academic worth of the assignment as a whole.

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PLAGIARISM AND REFERENCING You may be tempted to hand in essays, projects or other pieces of assessed coursework containing work that you know are not completely your own, hoping that the tutor won‟t notice. This may be for several reasons such as shortage of time, hoping for a better grade than would be achievable under a particular set of circumstances or perhaps even lack of knowledge regarding how to correctly reference the sources of data used. This is plagiarism – it is a matter that the University takes very seriously indeed - and it usually takes one of four forms.

(a) Copying chunks of text...