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Table of Contents

1. History of TeliaSonera, along with brief Introduction.

2. How did TeliaSonera grow from being a local telecom provider in the Nordic region to a trend- setting international player in Eurasia markets?

1. Entering The Himalayas, Uzbekistan, and Afghanistan

2. China, India, Sri Lanka, Japan, Philippines

3. What are the drivers of this success?

3. Institutional View

4. Resource View

4. What are the future opportunities?

5. What are the potential risks?

6. How can TeliaSonera increase its market power and extension in Eurasia markets?


TeliaSonera’s history tells the story of a young company with long standing traditions.  It is a history of a company providing their customers and their society with the best services and newest technology.  TeliaSonera was created in 2002, by the merger of Swedish Telia and Finnish Sonera, it was the first time in history where two former telecom incumbents in two European Union countries joined forces to form a new, stronger company.  It united two companies who were excellent complements to each other, both from a market and financial perspective.  

The companies had already worked together on a number of different projects. TeliaSonera is now the largest Nordic and Baltic fixed-voice, broadband, and mobile operator by revenue and customer base.  It operates Europe's largest and fastest-growing wholesale IP backbone AS1299 and is the 10th-largest global mobile group by consolidated customers. TeliaSonera also is the fifth largest telecom operator in Europe today and continues building on its pioneering spirit and high technology expertise within both fixed and mobile communications inherited from its predecessors.  

So, now that we have a brief introduction of TeliaSonera, we will now go into a general explanation of how TeliaSonera became so successful, accompanied with an...