Islam and Music

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By: Syed Masrur


salamu alaykum warahmatu allah wa barakatoh,

Hello my fellow brothers and sisters. I have an issue that is tearing me apart.

Not because it is a match for my love to islam, but rather the controversy around it.

I am a practicing muslim, alhamdullillah. My wife is a reverted muslim, since she was 14 mashalla. My life revolves around what Islam says, as much as possible. During my teenage period I started to listen to classical music and to Heavy Metal. As i grew older i started choosing those bands that do not address any religion or abuse any belief. My defense was that they inflame the sense of energy and activity and the feeling that there is no mortal that could stop me from reaching any goal.

I listen to songs that deal with brotherhood on the battle field, honor and loyalty, so some how they relate to the glory of the islamic battles word by word!!

There are certain songs that have stories the same as the prophet's (pbuh) and every time I listen to them I get to remember the islamic fotohat.

am I doing something wrong? if yes then where, how and why?

jazakom allah khayran

Salam |

Assalamu Alikum warahmatullah,

Dearest Brother in Islam,

May Allah grant you the two-fold rewards, one for seeking knowledge and another for practicing the 'enjoyment' of doing good and forbidding evil.

Regarding your question of listening to Heavy Metal and other hardcore musicals as they give you energy and remind you about events or issues that may relate to Islam.

There are four elements that makes up a Musical performance, the music, the lyrics, the singing, and the performance (dancing) which determine why most musicals are Haram and what alternatives there are, and why these Alternatives are considered Halal.

1. The Music: Musical instruments with wind and string are clearly Haram according to the 'Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jammah' (the observers of the Quran & sunnah and consensus of all the schools and...