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Companies experience a wealth of issues that impact their ability to conduct business and remain successful in a domestic market. This is even more so the case when they expand operations overseas. Forces internal and external to their operation can determine whether they will succeed or fail. To survive competition, an organization has to continually evaluate legal concepts that may affect its operations and also analyze the macro- and micro-economic factors that could influence any new business ventures. In particular, economic and legal factors have some of the greatest impacts because (1) they are vital characteristics of a business environment in the particular country in which a business intend to expand and (2) they can affect the extent to a business will benefit from its expansion strategies in the target country or market.

Organizations that learn and cope with these factors and change will thrive and flourish and others who fail to do so will be wiped out. In this study, the focus will be to describe and analyze employment and labor law influences that the owners of XYZ Construction will need to consider as they plan to issue their IPO in a few months, in their domestic markets but also as they expand overseas.


An organizational structure of any successful business, no matter where in the world, consider employment and labor practices and its impact in the region they intend to operate. For XYZ Construction to have a successful transition from private ownership to public, it needs to understand labor and employment behaviors of its market targets. This will be crucial as it will help the company navigate through the sometimes confusing area of global business and labor environments (Ball et al.,2006). For instance, in the United States during the last decade, the rapid expansion of employment and labor laws has dramatically altered the legal environment of business....