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The differences of thinking modes

Because of the semi-enclosed continental type geographical environment and the peasant economy of self-sufficiency which leads to the traditional Chinese mode of thinking has the strong powerful, that is the Confucian thought of “oneness of man and nature”. It means heaven and human mutual connection, and emphasizes the human and natural harmony. This holistic thinking make everything together and to put them into the relative network to analysis, rather than breaks up them to analysis one by one. Therefore, the Chinese people advocate that know the enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles with no danger of defeat, in order to avoid use the universal quantifiers’ way to solve the problems, and also to avoid the consequence of losing the forest for the trees.

For Americans, the living environment is not the first highest in their life, who acknowledged the opposition of human and nature, than to explore and conquer it. So Americans pay attention to analysis on subject in detail and then make a rigorous reasoning, which is through the appearance to perceive the essence. That will form a kind of developed abstract thinking, strict logical deduction method and each subject with meticulous division of labor. Therefore, American’s thinking is dispersive.


The differences of value

The value is a kind of social consciousness; it also is a standard to estimate right and wrong, beauty and ugly, good and bad, and love and hate in the specific culture. Different countries and nations have the different values. The major differences between china and America are individualism, objectivity and equality.

The individualism is the core part of values in the United States and other Western countries that pay more attentions to personal freedom, privacy and emphasis on individual self-directed, self-control, and self-development. Such as we can not intervene other people’s life, no matter they how do live...