Cement Production Equipment in Zenith

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Organization cement equipment cement mill, cement rotary kiln and ceramic and other gear, these units are composed in the main gear of . Lots of buyers referred to as to inquire us, how can to the basis of the present production, Portland cement production line to even more improve to a greater level! Today, we detail from production tools, raw supplies, in addition to the composition of the manufacturing line to take a look at the primary things affecting the efficiency of cement production.

Portland cement clinker, 0% to 5% limestone or granulated blast furnace slag, finely ground manufactured with the acceptable amount of gypsum cement matrix, known as Portland cement, sub PI and P.II, namely recognized as foreign Portland cement.

Representative silicate cement production method in cement production is composed of limestone and clay as being the most important raw materials, crushing ingredients, made of finely ground raw materials, and after that fed to your cement kiln burning mature, then The clinker will add acceptable amount of gypsum (sometimes mixed with mixed materials or admixture) Ground manufactured.

Cement production with all the raw materials preparation solutions could be divided into dry (semidry) and wet (which include semi moist strategy) two. Aluminate cement (1)dry production. The raw material at the same time are drying and grinding, or the very first dry feed after grinding into a raw material powder dry process kiln burning mature. But there are actually also the raw materials powder into raw materials ball is created on the amount of water, into Lepol kiln burning mature, identified as semi dry technique, it can be still dry production of one variety.

? wet manufacturing. Raw supplies plus gouache ground raw slurry, feeding wet kiln burning mature. Moist strategy following the dehydration in the raw slurry, created of raw material into the kiln burning mature technique, identified as semi wet technique, it is even now a moist...