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Chairman Chey`s Three Strong Management Strategies Lead to Growth of SK Hynix

SK Hynix which became a member of SK Group six months ago secured its growth foundation. Through the active management for the past six months, SK Hynix was able to improve its performance and financial structure. In addition, the company successfully established a next generation growth foundation by executing various strategies such as acquisition of and partnership with overseas companies with cutting-edge technologies. These changes were possible because of Chairman Chey`s `Three Strong Management Strategies`. After the acquisition of SK Hynix, Chairman Chey led its growth with three strategies such as strong leadership, strong growth strategy, and strong physical contact. Above all, Chairman Chey reinforced SK Hynix`s competitiveness with strong leadership. As soon as the acquisition was completed, Chairman Chey promised to lead constant and fast business promotion, `I will make SK Hynix a better semiconductor company for sure.` In particular, SK Hynix decided to invest KRW 4.2 trillion this year, up by 20% compared with the previous year. Different from previous year`s passive management, SK Hynix is drastically increasing its investments in 2012. Basing on this, SK Hynix is able to reinforce its cost competitiveness and to secure differentiated technologies by accelerating conversion of fine process into 20 nano DRAM and 20 nano NAND Flash. In addition, through the M12 line newly constructed in June, SK Hynix is able to cope with continuous demand increase on memory semiconductors in accordance with mobilization and high capacity of IT terminals. These efforts are producing tangible results. SK Hynix recorded KRW 2.63 trillion in revenue and KRW 23 billion in operating income in the second quarter of 2012. Its operating loss since the third quarter of...