Enhance Technology Level of Filling Machinery

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According to the Transport Study Report of the Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute , the U.S. packaging machinery traffic growth rate reaches 19% in 2011 and the total amount is h $ 7.7 billion. A large share is in the food and beverage sales, packaging machinery occupies 59% of the total production and such machines are sold to pharmaceutical and medical device market. Due to the rapid development of the national economy the foreign trade expanded rapidly and people's living standards improved significantly. Demand of the product increases and it urgently requires machine mechanization and automation which have greatly promoted the development of the filling machinery industry. Filling machine industry in the national economy plays an increasingly important role. To achieve faster development, China has set up some filling machine management agencies and industry organizations.

In order to improve the technical level of the filling machinery industry, the country has established the Batch filling machinery Institute of intelligence. Some tertiary institutions has established the filling engineering majors. This has provided strong technical assurance for the filling machine industry which develops fast in China to catch up with the world advanced level as soon as possible. Domestic bottling industry has developed rapidly to get great achievement. While comparing with developed countries in terms of product variety, technical level and product quality, there is big difference. Developed countries have applied microcomputer control, artificial intelligence, image sensing, industrial robots and other high-tech into the filling machinery products. The filling machinery industry in China has only just begun to adopt theses technologies. Therefore, we must take strong measures to further accelerate the development pace of the domestic bottling machinery industry to catch up with the world advanced level as soon as possible. What we provide is heavy...