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CUHK-AIA E-device Survey Reveals Growing Concern About E-waste

Less Than 3% Hong Kong Residents Recycle Old Electronic Devices

Consumers expect government and manufacturers to do more

HONG KONG, 22 August 2012 – Hong Kong adults are very concerned about the growing amount of

waste from old phones and other electronic devices (e-devices) but very few are doing anything to

reduce this waste, according to a recent E-device Survey organised by the Institute of Environment,

Energy and Sustainability (IEES) at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and AIA Group Limited

(, ‘AIA’). The E-device Survey is part of a larger collaboration between IEES and AIA to raise

awareness about electronic waste (e-waste) created by the increasing number of e-devices we own.

The Survey was conducted by TNS, a leading consumer research company.

Professor Joseph Sung, Vice-Chancellor & President of CUHK said, “CUHK is committed to sustainable

practices and the enhancement of campus environmental quality to nurture a green culture on

campus in the long run. It is also intended as an example for both academia and the community at

large, and one that can inspire other organizations, educational and otherwise, to implement green

practices in the workplace, thereby contributing to the sustainable future of the earth. The University

is also dedicated to developing a new generation of leaders who understand the importance of

making a positive impact on their local community and its environment, fulfilling the education

mission and social responsibility of the University --- that is why we are happy to collaborate with AIA

who shares our vision of giving back to the local community and being at the forefront of issues that

impact many. This e-waste initiative also supports our commitment to making CSR (Corporate Social

Responsibility) an integral part of the University’s development. “

John Chu, AIA’s Group Chief Investment Officer and...