My Views About Science and Technology

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Science, Technology and International Affairs

"We need to adapt to a world in which the border between domestic and foreign affairs is crossed everywhere, and most particularly by science and technology." -- Carnegie Commission, 1992

A glance at the daily newspaper is enough to convince even the most casual observer that there are international dimensions to almost every aspect of science and technology and that science and technology play a crucial role in foreign policy and international affairs.

The Science, Technology and International Affairs (STIA) major aims to equip students with the tools needed to understand the complex problems at the intersection of scientific and technical issues and international affairs.

The major combines work in the natural sciences with international affairs courses dealing with the environment, energy, business and economic development, information technology and communications, health and security—many of which are specially designed for the STIA program.

Goals of the Major

Science, Technology and International Affairs (STIA) is a unique, multi- and inter-disciplinary liberal arts program. It equips students with the tools they will need to understand and address the complex issues related to science and...