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Connecting With Nature:

An educational guide for grades four to six


The educational resource Connecting With Nature was developed by:

Authors: David Suzuki Foundation, Schulich School of Education, Nipissing University, Brantford

and North Bay Campus 

Publishing and editing: David Suzuki Foundation 

Photography: iStockphotos and Creative Commons images 

Artwork: Giant Ant Media

Graphic design: David Suzuki Foundation 

Project managers: Leanne Clare (David Suzuki Foundation), Jenny Guibert (Schulich School of

Education, Nipissing University)

Staff: Rachelle Delaney, Mel Lefebvre, Gail Mainster, Shannon Moore 

Interns: Sarah Austin, Brittany Burdett, Heather Gauthier, Lara Hughes, Sarah Krzyzek,

Brittany Perry, Jordan Tamblyn, Carol Tsang, Austin Vanlierop

The David Suzuki Foundation applauds the hard work and dedication of hundreds of students and

faculty at Nipissing University’s Schulich School of Education who helped re-create this guide.

Their contributions made this resource easy to use and lots of fun for students. We hope this

resource inspires more young people to explore all the wonders that nature has to offer. Special

thanks to:

Dr. Sharon Rich, Dean, Schulich School of Education

Dr. Maria Cantalini-Williams, Associate Dean (Interim), Schulich School of Education

Dr. John Vitale and his students in Primary / Junior Social Studies and Junior / Intermediate

Social Studies

Dr. Astrid Steele and her students in Junior / Intermediate Science

Alysha Cory and Melissa Nucci, teacher-candidate volunteers

Andrea Cousineau and the staff at the Laboratory School at the Dr. Eric Jackman Institute

for Child Study.

Connecting With Nature is based and built on The Nature Challenge Teacher’s Guide published by

the David Suzuki Foundation in 2006. This educational resource would not exist without all of the

hard work that went into that original guide.

Special thanks to G. Raymond...