Thematic Analysis the Pretenders

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“Antonio Samson's Death: Suicide or Murder?”

In this analysis of the Book “The Pretenders” by F. Sionil Jose, I will attempt to defend the reason why Antonio (Tony) Samson's death is more of a murder rather than a suicide. Try to prove the facts and scenes that lead to mental disruption of Tony is more evident to consider as a factor for his death rather than his own physical assault to his life.

Tony is a person full of pride though he's from a poor family.

“I just want to show them that we don't need their money” Tony Said. “we have to keep a little of what face we have” ( F. Sionil Jose, p. 20)

But his marriage to Carmen Villa pulled him in a trap that would be hard to escape when his Father – in - Law, Don Manuel started his move.

“It will not be difficult. I want you to work for me – to be in places where I need you, to talk in places where I want you, to talk and write what I want you to write. My interest is Carmen’s interest and her interest is yours – and your children’s … ”

A pause, then Don Manuel turned to Carmen and to Tony again: ”Isn’t that logical, son?”

This was the trap with all its embellishments, but Tony nodded nevertheless.

“Don’t think of it as inevitable. When a man marries, the decisions he makes are not for him alone but for his wife and his family. I want you to leave the University. Start working for yourself, for Carmen.” ( F. Sionil Jose, p. 72)

After then, Don Manuel used his power through Senator Reyes, thus force tony to give his resignation letter to the University and started working for Don Manuel as a writer. Here on, Tony is locked from his freedom to do what he want, to say and write because he cannot be in contrary with his Father – in – law. He has been tied up struggling with himself in the whole story.

Another factor is when he felt that Emy is wronged by him, when he learned that they have a son and Emy suffered caring for the child alone. Tony then told Carmen about the boy. But Carmen seemed not...