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Maria, a 12 year old in the 7th grade at Farmington High, has struggled with her weight for many years. She has dealt with the backlash of bullies and taunting peers in her late elementary and early middle school years. So, when Maria mentioned to her mother that she was interested in trying out for the soccer team for exercise, her mother was not surprised. Over time, Maria lost weight and achieved the physical appearance she desired without amending her eating habits. Two years later, Maria’s mother, Mrs. Esposito, was amazed at some test results given by their family doctor. The findings were that Maria had been diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. To Maria and her mother, these findings simply made no sense at all. She was now regularly active in soccer and basketball and appeared healthy. How could these results be true? Maria’s problem is a common issue among many young children. Obesity, particularly childhood obesity in America is on a steady increase. The key to tackling this crisis is not exercise alone, but primarily fostering healthy eating habits at an early age.

This essay will begin by outlining the current childhood obesity crisis drawing on statistical data. Following which it will discuss the benefits of healthy eating and define a balanced diet. Also, it will outline how such habits can be fostered in young children and how family involvement can support the reduction of poor eating habits, thus proving that without a balanced diet a healthy lifestyle cannot be achieved.

“In 2005- 2006, 30.1 percent of children were overweight (defined as at or above 85 percent of body mass index (BMI) for age) and 15.5 percent were obese (at or above 95 percent of BMI for age)” (Hassink, 2009, Childhood Obesity, para. 3). With these high totals there is a visible need for public intervention. Hassink (2009) states that it is more likely for obese children and adolescents to have risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease such as high blood pressure, high...