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Executive Summary

Development of Panda Sdn. Bhd. began in July of 2010. It was developed to become the first creative goods selling company in UPM and arouse creativity among UPM students. We offer creative and high quality products, as well as offer good and friendly customer service.

The Management Team members have strong backgrounds in both designs and language. The CEO is the former Business Development Officer for XYZ Company, the financial manager was previously Controller for CDE Widgets, and the Marketing manager was formerly the Sr. Marketing Director for EFG handmade card company.

The creative hand-made cards that we made are the cards that bring appreciation, greetings, and loves to our friends, family and the one we love. We also produce hand-made photo frames that let the customer stores their memorable moments. There is currently no other company that produces this type of affordable hand-made cards and photo frame in UPM.

The $400 we are seeking will be used to begin production, packaging, and marketing, and for short term capital and overhead needs. With the present market and the goods that we have,our company plans to have a profit of $150.

It will be packaged and sold in UPM area, sold through hand-to-hand selling and sold via delivery. The customers that we targeted are staff, student, and lecturer in UPM.

The potential market for the product is very promising. Our business period is around Hari Raya that is in August and September. In this season of blessings, many people will give blessing to their family and friends through the cards. That is a big marketing opportunity for our company to sell hand-made cards and photo-frames since these cards and photo-frames are very rare in the market. So, we have fewer competitors.

In the future, we plan to extend our company’s market outside the campus and sell our company’s product via internet. Besides this, we plan to become the 1st established company of creative goods....