Benihana Service Line Mgmt

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The Benihana concept is a traditional family business restaurant chain of Japanese family. The Benihana concept was originated by Yunosuke Aoki in Japan with the opening of restaurant chain. This concept was originated before 1935 with well decorated aesthetic look of the restaurant (Case: Benihana of Tokyo, 26th July 1995). In the initial stage, this restaurant chain was resourceful and well decorated restaurant chain.

After some time period, the family traditions and business were followed by Aoki’s son Hiroki (Rocky) Aoki. He is the youthful president of Benihana of Tokyo. He expanded family business from Japan to America with his thought that money is always available by doing work hard in America. With this thought, he utilized it for opening 15 units across the nation. It was unique steakhouse (Case: Benihana of Tokyo, 26th July 1995). It produced its operations in front of its customers with the help of skilled Japanese chefs. At the same time, the décor of the restaurant was totally authentic detailed Japanese country inn.

During the visit of America as a team member of university wrestling team, Rocky identified the huge market opportunity for the business in America in comparison to Japan. Through proper identification of huge opportunity, he wanted to grab it in an effective manner. For increasing knowledge about the restaurant market, he invested three years for the systematic analysis of US restaurant market (Case: Benihana of Tokyo, 26th July 1995). He identified the customers’ needs and preferences and their eating behavior in an effective manner. On the basis of customer centricity and learned knowledge in restaurant management, Rocky utilized to expand the concept of Benihana of Tokyo.

Ans. 2:

Successful operations of Benihana

Yes, Benihana is a successful operation. It enhanced its operational efficacy in restaurant market due to several success factors which are as follow:

Availability of resources: For successful operations,...