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1. Ethical issues

McDonald’s is one of the world’s largest fast food chains. Its’ main menu is based on meat, burgers and fries that are sold every day in over 26,500 outlets in 119 countries throughout the world. Over the last few decades, serious criticism has grown over ethical issues that have lead McDonalds’s to become one of the most unethical companies. Some ethical issues that the corporation has faced are environment issues, food safety issues, nutritional quality issues, and workers’ salaries. However, in this part, we will focus on the unethical issues that the corporation has done in the past and how they solved the problems.

* Unhealthy products and aggressive advertising

McDonald’s meals are mainly based on meat, processed burgers and synthetic chips that are consider as junk food. Its’ products provide poor nutritional quality. Their diet is very high in fat, sugar, animal products and salt, and low in vitamins, fibre and minerals. Every year, the corporation has made some efforts to support children around the world with their life threatening illnesses. However, with a less than nutritious diet, McDonald’s contributes to an ever increasing population of victims with obesity, heart disease, asthma and also mad cow disease.

Furthermore, another problem has arisen when McDonald’s marketing is aimed at kids. The fears have grown when the corporation implements it’s increasingly pervasive strategies. Besides the bombardment of TV advertisings introduces their meals and deals, the corporation also provides kiddie – friendly food products, collectible toys, play areas and birthday parties in restaurants. Moreover, it runs some vast campaigns and promotions in schools, youth – oriented community schemes, hospitals and other places. It is an ethical way in marketing when they target kids, who have no ability to filter information and make good decisions. At least the corporation knows that kids have some buying power that...