Corona International Strategy

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Which type of international strategy is Grupo Modelo using in its international operations?

In my opinion, Grupo Modelo is using the Think Global, Act local international strategy.

When entering the international markets Grupo Modelo chose to create strategic alliances with companies that were more experienced in a chosen country by entering into distribution contracts with them.

These companies, which were more knowledgeable of the local markets, were given the freedom to control all the activities related to sales of the product leaving its production to Grupo Modelo.

The importers were responsible for the logistics, insurance, custom clearance and , most importantly , pricing and advertising strategies. Grupo Modelo, however, always had a final word on their work.

Thus , we can most surely say that

A) Grupo Modelo employed essentially the same basic competitive strategy theme thanks to leaving the right of taking the final decision to itself

B) Developed the capability to customize product offerings by

C) Giving local managers the latitude to adapt the global approach as needed to accommodate local bueyrs preferences which they were knowledgeable of, by leaving them the right to decide the numerous sales-related activities as well as to use marketing as a tool to differentiate Corona from other imported beers.

How Corona beer perception is different in different world parts because of its adapted marketing strategy

North America “vacation in a bottle” , synonym of relaxation, part of a culture

Canada Kindred spirit , winter sports, après-ski parties

Latin America Festive drink for celebration and socializing

Europe, Africa, Middle East Trandescending cultural and ethnic differences , “find friends wherever you go”

Asia Refreshment and relaxation for a stimulating and fashionable lifestyle

Oceania “Authentic, genuine, hones, natural” beer that all can connect with