How Significant Were the Effects of the Cuban Missile Crisis on Russian Relations with the West and Social Outcomes of the Time?

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How significant were the effects of the Cuban Missile Crisis on Russian relations with the west and social outcomes of the time?

The Cuban missile crisis of 1962 is mostly known for both being the closest to nuclear war and also it can be seen as the destruction of the communist system in the Soviet Union as it showed a lot of weakness towards Russia. This crisis was coursed by the Soviet Union building surface to air missiles witch were found by American spy planes which coursed an increase in tension for the Communist East and Capitalist West. The Cuban missile crisis can be seeing to both increase relations with the U.S.A and other Western countries due to the agreements made after the Crisis was averted, these agreements are known as the Kennedy-Khrushchev agreement, and this then consisted of the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Cuba and American troops from Turkey, the U.S.A could not invade Cuba and also for a nuclear hotline between U.S.A and U.S.S.R to be created.

During both the build up and first stage of the Cuban Missile Crisis, a lot of Soviet civilians had deep amounts of animosity for the government as their believed that there was an increased amount of spending into military equipment and also placed in other communist countries. Many saw this as misspending their money and that not enough was being invested into the increasing living standards in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s. However this was not the case as Khrushchev was well known for his social policies such as the increased living space in Russian cities as more people were still emigrating from the countryside into the industrial cities. It is also possible to say that Khrushchev’s domestic policies were linked in with foreign policy such as the building housing blocks for the increasing amounts of communist countries.

One other key issue in the social effects of the Cuban Missile Crisis comes from the extensive expense for funding the Cuban Missile Crisis due to the need to...