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The service request from Kudler Fine Foods is to provide a migration plan to Windows Server 2008 R2 for existing sites and a support plan during expansion. Kudler Foods currently has three locations within the state of California; the service request requires the addition of a minimal three out-of-state locations. The following evaluation discusses and analyzes the architecture, design, and strategy involved in the expansion of the addition of three out of state locations while migrating to Windows Server 2008 R2.


Kudler Fine Foods has submitted Service Request SR-kf-015. This request includes a migration plan to Windows Server 2008 R2 as well as an expansion plan to add three out-of-state locations to Kudler Fine Foods growing market share. Seamlessly to accomplish these tasks, Learning Team B has developed a robust plan for implementation. Included below are security effects, controls, and enhancements to ensure that Kudler Fine Foods remains at the cutting edge of technology and security while still fulfilling the company needs and providing excellent customer service.

Domain Structure

Learning Team B proposes the following domain structures for the Kudler Fine Foods network. Currently, the corporate headquarters is in La Jolla, California. This will also become the centralized IT headquarters. Here at La Jolla, IT will manage the IT, Executive, and HR networks. At each subsidiary locations (currently Del Mar and Encinitas), Management and Sales will be maintained. As expansion continues, new locations will replicate this design and maintain Management and Sales. See below graphics.




Organizational Units

Managers will belong to an organizational unit at the domain level to assign passwords and manage printing and fax control at each store location. As new employees are hired locally the manager will be able to assign them a password that will allow them access to the point of sales system...