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“How” did Southwest go about establishing their culture?

Based on the video, the way Southwest establishes their culture is by being united and a sharing organization. The creation of Hookie day enables to spread appreciation among their employee and other employees. Their culture has a vision and that is to continue to encourage all employees to “Live the Southwest Way” and to each employees convey with their Warrior Spirits, Servant’s Hearts, and Fun-LUVing Attitudes. Southwest also believes that constantly exploiting their values is a belief that if they treat their employees right, they will treat the customers right and in turn that results more business and profit which that’s make everyone happy at the end. That being said this is the reason Southwest Airlines recently ranked number four on list of Fortune’s World’s Most Admired Companies.

What activities and/or behaviors do you think sales managers can demonstrate that would establish a “selling culture” within their teams?

The sales force culture is shaped continuously by the decisions made by sales management. In a sales setting environment I believe the culture is completely and solely driven by the manager. There are many activities and behavior that a manager can demonstrates to establish a successful selling culture within their teams. One behavior that sales managers can do to create a good selling culture is by communication. They cans spread the culture through coaching, training, mentoring or performance reviews. Activities that manager should always implement in a sales force, which are rewards and recognition programs. Defining successes show that there is a culture in the firm that recognizes accomplishments. Another activity that a manager should establish is a training program because it says a lot about a firm that believe in skills, knowledge and structure. Training also helps the sales force execute the culture change.