Saegner Theater

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It is easy to take for granted the history, legacy, and culture of a town. There are historical sites that I see everyday and never have taken out the time to appreciate its story. The interesting part is I do not have travel outside the Bowie county lines to experience this rich history. All the markers listed below are located in Bowie County.

Saenger Theater 219 Main St. Texarkana, Texas 9507

Saenger Amusement Co. of New Orleans built the theater. The theater opened November 18, 1924. Emil Well was the designer; Saenger Theater joined the other opera houses and theaters in providing entertainment and culture. The Theater is currently the Ross Perot Theater.

Ace of Clubs House 420 Pine St. Texarkana, Texas 9493

J.H. Draughan built the Club designed home, in 1885. Henry Moore family currently owns it. The home is open for tours, weddings, and receptions. The home recorded as a Texas Historic Landmark in 1964.

United States Post Office and Court House 5th St State Line Ave Texarkana 9512

Currently, this is the only Federal office building to straddle state lines. This building sits on the Texas-Arkansas boundary. Established in 1841, each state had separate post offices until 1892, when the first office was built on this site. In 1933, the current structure was completed and in 1970 recorded as a Texas Historic Landmark.

The Jamison Building 523. W. Third St. Texarkana, Texas 9488

Dr. Garling Urih Jamison, Sr., (1881-1951) opened this structure in 1930 as Texarkana’s first black business and professional office building. The architectural firm of Witt, Seibert, and Halsey were the designers. This building served as the center of economic, cultural, and social life in the city’s African American community, Recorded a Texas Historic Landmark in 1983....