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By: Brittney Mullins

Spain is known for its verbal and nonverbal communication styles. Verbal communication is when we communicate our message verbally to whoever is receiving the message. Nonverbal communication is usually understood as the process of communications through sending and receiving wordless messages. Spain has many verbal and nonverbal communications that I am going to tell you about which is their language, religion, dinning etiquette, table manners, business and protocols, dressing etiquette, and the way they meet and greet people.

The most primary language for most Spaniards is Spanish. Everyone in Spain can speak at least two languages. In 2005, 89% of Spaniards spoke Spanish, 9% Catalan/Valencian, 5% Galician, and Baque, also known as Euskera by 1% only 3% of the rest in Spain had another language. But Catalan Spanish is the official language of Spain.

During the 1990’s immigration had led to an increased number of Muslims. Nowadays, Islam is the second largest language in Spain. With Hindus and Sikhs the third and fourth largest. Roman Catholicism is the largest religion in Spain. Most Spaniards especially the younger choose to ignore the catholic teaching of morals, politics and sexuality, and do not attend the mass regularly.

In Spain, when dinning, the dinner is around 9 P.M. Some restaurant's won’t get going until 11 P.M. Spain also has many dinning etiquettes and table manners for example: Resting your wrist on the edge of the table, do not eat until host sits down, do not eat with hands, give toast if you are the guest of honor later in the meal, put your knife and fork parallel with the handles facing to the right to show that you are done eating and remain seated until the host gets up.

One social protocol is kissing. Kissing in Spain males and females acquaintances kiss each other usually on both cheeks never on the lips (except for between lovers). Another is...