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Date: November 18, 2012

Subject: Oreos

Kraft’s Oreo is the most popular and well-known cookie in all regions of the world.

1. Packaging is a feature that differs greatly from market to market. In the United States, many consumers are accustomed to shopping in huge markets and normally have large pantries, which is why the packaging of Oreo is normally 18-oz size. In other parts of the world, stores are usually smaller or the shopping is different (i.e. kiosks in Brazil, self-service convenience stores in China, or street vendors in China), it would not make sense to make bigger packaging for those countries. Stores would not have the space and consumers would not have the space. Also, packaging is sometimes based on what consumers are familiar with. In many countries, cookies are known to be packaged in a single row, wrapped in foil so Oreos are packaged the same way.

Another adjustment relates to the branding of the product itself. Oreo will always be the brand name for the cookie product itself however the company affiliation of the product always changes. For example, Kraft brand is a trusted name in China so Kraft will be on the box with the other brand name “Oreo”: Kraft Oreo. In Canada, consumers have a long history and affiliation with the Mr. Kristi brand so it will be called Kristi Oreo cookies.

Campaigns that are effective in one country can be misunderstood in another country. Oreo’s brand message is providing moments of childlike delight, which is evident in the twisting, licking and dunking in milk ritual that has been passed down from generation to generation. This advertising has been very effective in the United States and some countries due to grandparents passing the ritual on to children. In other countries where Oreo has not yet been introduced, it would not make sense to use the advertising that has been successful in other countries because Oreo is a new product and cannot necessarily be passed down....