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/ | Bachelor of BusinessCENTRE FORBUSINESS INTERDISCIPLINARY STUDIESCo-operative Education477810 (BBus)107200 (BA/BBus)217807 (BIHM/BBus)567440 (BHSC/BBus)517020 (BSR/BBus)407100 (BCIS/BBus)777007 (BAppSc/BBus)Intake 3Semester Two 2011Student Name: Jiaxin Huang(Sharon)


Student ID:0812859 | Major: Accounting and Finance |

CP Employer :Auckland Property Management

| Student contact no: 021891918 |

CP Supervisor: Cindy Jin

| Academic Supervisor: Gerard Hulst |

CP Job title: Account Assistant

| Workshop Supervisor: Gillian Craig |



The Progress Reports are the next stages of your assessment that culminates in your Oral Presentation and Co-op Report. In your Co-op Report you will critically reflect on, analyse and evaluate your development throughout your Co-op Placement.

You are required to complete a number of activities which are related to the BBus Learning Goals and based on the work you completed in your Learning Framework

Throughout Co-op you will be focusing on how well you are achieving the BBus Learning Goals. The Learning Goals are set out below:

Learning Goal 1: Be self-directed, reflective learners

Learning Goal 2: Be knowledgeable in their major field of study

Learning Goal 3: Be critical enquirers and problem solvers

Learning Goal 4: Be proponents of ethical and social responsibility

Learning Goal 5: Be able to work collaboratively

Learning Goal 6: Be effective communicators (written)

Learning Goal 6: Be effective communicators (oral)

Please note in each of the following activities, you must integrate relevant theories, concepts, models, frameworks and/or technical competencies to support your reflections, analysis and evaluation.

Learning Goal 1: Be self-directed, reflective learners

Developing insights into how your Co-op Placement might contribute to your long term career planning and development

This section is not required for PR#1 and 2. However, you are...