Is Pure Water Really Pure; Manufacturing and Packaging

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Man can survive without food for several days and even weeks but that is not the case for water. Man cannot do without water for a few days. Water is very vital and essential for our well being and survival.

Sachet water popularly referred to as pure water has helped to distribute and make available the supply of water.

Sources of drinking water | Tap | 34 | 30% |

Bottled | 13 | 11% |

Sachets | 51 | 44% |

Bulk( Buy in bucket) | 10 | 9% |

ALL | 7 | 6% |

Brand used | Voltic | 32 | 32 |


5.1. Conclusion

Access and affordability of safe drinking water is one of the various problems faced by people in many African countries In Ghana, even though water seems to be accessible for some residents in the urban areas specifically in Accra Metropolis and Ga East and West districts in a form of sachet or bottle (0.5L, 1.5L & 20L). A recent study conducted by the Ghana Chemical Society reveals that 85% of the locally produced sachet water is unsafe and does not meet the required standard for consumer’s health (Boadua, 2011). In addition to that, most cheap locally produced sachets water are produced, treated and stored in poor hygienic conditions while the cost of safe drinking water from trusted brands such as Voltic, Everpure and Ice cool are quite expensive for certain residents, specifically the urban poor, who do not have the require means to afford the market price. As such, they are left with the use of other alternatives at a cheaper cost which are most of the time of poor quality exposing them to water-bone diseases such as cholera, diarrhea, typhoid etc.

Furthermore, this research also reveals that there is a need for bulk water for domestic and industrial consumption. Residents in distressed areas as well as areas where water supply is inconsistent such as Teshie Nungua, East Legon, Adenta and Madina rely on...