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University of Phoenix

The internet has become a valuable tool for business. Virtually every business could utilize the internet. For advertising to current customers and reaching new customers by advertising or a mass mailing program; to communicating with employees business cannot thrive without the internet

For my organization, the internet is used extensively. e-Business allows employees to telecommute, view webinars, access e-mail and provide ways to transfer files (FTP), work on remote computers (via telnet) and also have the ability to telecommute, distribute information in the form of pages (via the internet) along with conducting e-business and e-commerce activities. Employees have the ability to conduct real-time text-based conversations with the organization’s instant messaging system along with Skype. We also are able to work together with groupware and electronic conferencing. Within the company e-commerce capabilities we are able to communicate and share data with suppliers by utilizing extranets and web-based applications. conduct group discussions, and through LISTSERV send mass mailings to both customers and suppliers. Customers can access their corporate or personal accounts on SSL secured accounts, and are able to have real-time voice conversations (chat, VOIP) with customer service and technical support representatives 24/7/365, send e-mail to the customer service department. Through the organization’s IT department we have been able to establish a cost effective network such as extranets, intranets, VPN.

Probably the two most important effects the internet has had on our organization is the ability for both our customers and suppliers to easily access their accounts online and that the organization has been able to keep the cost of the networks in line with the return we are able to realize, this has had positive effects on network costs and the IT department over the years has had a progressively easier task of...