Proppant Ceramsite Production Line

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Ceramsite sand is a product of ceramic granule with great harness. It is mainly used as proppant ceramsite to increase the capacity of gas and oil, besides it is environmentally friendly. It is made from bauxite, coal and many other materials by the means of ceramic sintering. ceramsite sand is an excellent substitute for natural zicon sand, glass ball, metal ball or any other low intensity sustainer, helping improve yield. rotary kiln jaw crusher

Simply speaking, production of Proppant ceramsite includes curshing, batching, pulverizing, pelleting, calcination, coal powder making, cooling, sieving,packing and so on. Main material is bauxite with high grade.

Proppant ceramsite production progress

1 Crushing

Size of Raw bauxite chunk is between 300mm-500mm with small amount water. After processed by secondary crush system consisting of jaw crusher and hammer crusher, its granularity is smaller than 8mm.

Process bauxite should be kept separate according to the grade, so that one could be used with others.

Manganese is usually put into the production of ceramsite sand to lower the sintering temperature and dye the product dark color. Nowadays domestic companies use Manganese ore or Manganese dust of low grade (Mn less than 50%).

2 batching

bauxite, manganese powder, feedback material are sent to silo separately. there is electronic loadcell scale under the belt conveyor to balance materials automaticall.

3 pulverizing

It is highly efficient that ball which can both pulverize and dry and powder separator form a close circle. ball mill rotary kiln ball mill manufacture