Clay Ceramsite Production Process

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introduction of clay ceramsite production process:

1 pulverizing

pulverizing is the way to process raw materials. at the beginning, the raw ores are taken by feeder to jaw crusher and secondary crushed by finess crusher. its granularity will be smaller than 10mm. the processed material is sent to dosing machine by elevator and stored in the silo. there is electronic scale under the silo to weigh the proportion of material, which will be ground by ball mill. the treated material is mixture.

2 pelleting

pelleting machine is an important machine in ceramsite production. it is comprised of round plate, umbrella wheel gear, cone wheel gear, main shaft box, lateral axle, angle adjuster, facing device, driving device, foundation, etc. while the plate is constantly rotating, the mixture is moistured by high pressure water and it is rolling itself as many mother balls. mother ball's diameter is 3mm with a thin water film, which become by centrifugal force. in this way ,the moter ball becomes material ball. meanwhile, the density of ball is growing for clay and machanical force. rotary kiln jaw crusher

3 sieving sieving

the semi finished product of clay ceramsite from pelleting machine will come to sieving drum. there are calssified to several specificatons. the qualified ceramsite is sent to rotary kiln. the too big ones will go to crusher while the too small ones will go back to pelleting machine.

4 sintering

the rotary kiln is used to sinter ceramsite. the qualified raw material ball is sintered in the klin and chilled outside the rotary klin. the chilled ceramsite is finished product. but during sintering, raw ball may explode and adjoin under the high temperature. then another seive is required. the seived products are transported to warehouse. ball mill rotary kiln ball mill manufacture