Shale Ceramic Production Line

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Shale Ceramic Sand Characteristics and Applications

Ceramic sand is generally used to replace gravel and pebbles in the concrete, using various kinds of clay, slate, shale, coal gangue, industrial solid waste and other various raw materials, and is sintered with ceramics. Ceramic sand has many advantages of low density, excellent thermal insulation, impermeability, anti-alkali aggregate reaction resistance, low water absorption, frost resistance and durability. Especially, the ceramic sand has the characteristics of small density, porous inside, homogeneous composition and morphology, a certain strength and durability, and therefore has the multiformed natures of a lightweight, resistant to corrosion, antifreeze, seismic and well isolated nature versatility. It is the substitute for low, medium intensity support agent, such as natural quartz sand, glass ball and metal ball ,etc, mainly used for underground support to increase yield of oil and gas. Besides, it can also be widely used in building materials, gardening, food and beverage, fire-resistant insulation materials, chemicals, petroleum and other sectors. rotary kiln jaw crusher

Ceramic Sand Production Line and Equipment

At present industrial rotary kiln is widely used as ceramic production equipment in our country. The cylindrical main kiln body is placed on the supporting roller with an inclination angle of 3° to the horizontal. Materials enter the kiln from the high end and the materials fall down from the high end ( kiln end) to the low end( kiln head), at the same time, in the kiln head, high pressure fan spouts braize(or natural gas and other fuels) into the kiln and make full combustion of the materials and the heat produced by full combustion make the material physical and chemical change and show an expansion phenomenon and then become ceramic sand after cooling down.

Ceramic sand production line equipments mainly consist of raw material silo, dust...