Honesty Is Thebest Policy

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

11:46 AM


Yeah I openeed this as a sort f archive for old wwork notes I dontneed no more buut miigght have to refernce inn the future.



The negro speaks of rivers - Langston Hughes

Thursday, August 23, 2012

6:48 AM


He The tone of the poem carried depth,especially in nthe words. One can feel the ancient voice talking about the river. The poem gives one the feeling that the speaker is ancient froom its tone, as well a wealth of wisdom as deep as the riversthe tone also carries a feeling of authority and power, and the feeling that the speaker is omeone to be respected revered even. The tone with the dwords of the poem is the key to getting the feel of the poem. One can feel from the poem that the speaker is one who is indeed deep and profound. His words are quite siple but telll of the depth of the speaker. Ine hets the impression that the spesker is an old sage, who has seen things froma lmost thebegining of tim, and is now still with us. He has wealth of kknowledge and experience, as his soul is deep like the rivers. This tell usthat this person is very much intellectualy profoundthe speaker gives the impression who has been since the beginning and passage of time from the falliing and rising empires, though he doesn’t mark his period of time with these great thing which are man made and I've passed away. He marks his passage of timw ith things which are of the earth, are born of nature, and I've still been. This just shows how deep he is, and how aatuned he is to the earth.


He starts by telling us that he has kown of rivers, he has heard about em, seen about em but he doesn’t know em, he onl knows about emhe has had the tales the world has to offer about its wonders. This I think is a time when he was very old but not yet ancient, and aquired all this depth and knowledge. He had known of rivers, meaning that there are those who are more ancient than him who when hehad only known of rivers had known rivers and had been...