Application of Raymond Mill in Cu-Ni-Pt Ores

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Application of Raymond Mill in Cu-Ni-Pt ores Dressing

At present, precious metal production line usually consists of jaw crusher of primary break, double roll cursher for medium break, ball mill for fine break and mixer. This text, according to five different level, Cu-Ni-Pt ores adopts jaw crusher for primary break, raymond mill for fine mill and ball mill to mix in the process of standard sample. It is good that the finished products pass the granule seive test, evenness test and stability test one time. rotary kiln jaw crusher

The key distinction between raymond mill powder making pocess and ordinary one is combination of machines. raymond mill (3R2714A) is put to use in this test. The working principle is: motor drives the central shaft fastening the main part of the machine at the top, the plum frame. It is surrounde by grind ring.

Raymond mill processing copper-nickel ore of platinum (family) standard material, the advantage of processing do not need to sift (wind classification principle, which is equivalent to the processing side sift), processing volume, grinding Mine is better than the general mill; its shortcomings, especially mixed with like effect, coupled with the process after grinding need to carry out a mixed kind,and sometimes took part in the different phenomena for different metallic minerals.

The machining standard sample can be Simplify the two procedures, namely the sample after sorting, drying after the first ore samples with coarse crushing of matching with the Raymond mill, jaw crusher, the hoist of the samples were put into the sample bucket, then use the electromagnetic vibration Feeder quantitative, uniform, continuous feed, Raymond mill processed directly to the particle size of less than .074 mm (or the required particle size), then once the sample into the ceramic lined ball mill grinding -- mixed uniform, edging mixed Upcoming special mixed sample in the fixed partition into both...