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The Day of Judgement and the Afterlife

• Prophecies Concerning the End of Time

• What Will Women's Reward Be In Paradise?

• Do Muslims believe in a physical afterlife?

• Preparation for Returning to Allah

• Life after Death

• Living after your Death

Prophecies Concerning the End of Time


• Foreward

• Importance

• Minor Signs

• Isa/Jesus A.S.

• Imam Mahdi

• Dajjal/anti-Christ

• Ya'jooj and Ma'jooj

• Surah 75: The Resurrection

• Hadith References


Signs of Qiyamah

by Mohammad Ali bin Zubair Ali

 All praise is due to Allah, the Creator and Sustainer, and may His choicest Peace and Blessings be upon His pious servants, foremost among them Our Beloved Nabi, Sayyidena Mohammed (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam).

The Quraan reminds us time and again that this universe has been created temporarily and at an appointed time it will surely be annihilated, "Everyone thereon will be annihilated and only the Countenance of your Mighty and Glorious Sustainer shall remain." The exact date and time of this event, termed as Qiyamah, is known to Allah Alone, "Verily Allah Alone has the knowledge of the Hour," (Quraan). The Quraan and the Hadeeth have however informed us about various signs which will occur prior to Qiyaamah and which will be indicative of the closeness of the event. It is indeed very unfortunate to note that despite having before us the various warnings and signs regarding Qiyaamah which have been mentioned by none other than Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam), and handed down to us via the authentic of the noble companions, yet certain people professing to be Muslims attach no importance whatsoever to these teachings. Instead, they show deep interest in the baseless vague predictions of some Kaafir. Inaccurate and being capable of interpreted in...