How We Benefits from Malaysian Studies on College

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How Malaysia was form? What policy that our government use to build up such advance and harmony country that we staying today? What kind of history our mother country has experience? How our Father of Independence Tunku Abdul Raman fight for the mother country independence. All these question can be explain trough the Malaysian studies. Malaysian studies let us know about Malaysia history and how it slowly became such peaceful and harmony country that we know today. Malaysian studies is a compulsory subject for all diploma program in Malaysia education system regardless Malaysian or foreign student. The purpose of this education system to let foreign student know more about Malaysia history and culture and refresh Malaysian student that have taken the history subject in secondary school. We have to remember the credit of our ancestor has sacrifice for use if not we won’t live in such peaceful and harmony country.

Malaysian studies are a subject that must take during the diploma program. It teaches us about the history and culture of Malaysia. Malaysian also let the foreign student learn in deep about Malaysia history and culture. Example: the form of the Malaysia first Malacca kingdom; How Parameswara fled from Sumatran and form the kingdom of Malacca; History about Malacca hero like Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat; Japanese invasion on Malaya; Independence of Malaysia an so on. Without the Malaysian studies we don’t even know there is such experience in Malaysia history. Student gain knowledge and history experience through the Malaysian studies. Malaysian studies also introduce Malaysia history to our fellow foreign students. I have done some survey with some local students and some of them barely remember the history of our own country. A Malaysian student does not know own country history well? That’s why we needed to take the Malaysian Studies in college to refresh our memories of history of Malaysia. We also learn the importance of decision making in Malaysia...