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A value chain analysis, providing both qualitative and quantitative background information, is to be undertaken for all case studies (products) included in the project before an econometric analysis is undertaken. Sources of information for this analysis may include secondary data, published or unpublished literature, surveys, focus groups, and rapid appraisal.

The value chain analysis will include the following stages:

1. Production: capture fishery or aquaculture.

This will include information on whether it is capture fishery or aquaculture, freshwater or marine, production quantity, price and technology / technologies used in the harvest process. How many people are directly employed in the production sector? What information is available on relative incomes of fishermen / fish farmers and the non-fishing sector and how has this changed overtime? Are there fishermen’s associations to support fishermen/fish farmers in discussions with government, regulators and buyers? What is the structure of fisheries management? Is it open access, licenses, net size regulations, etc.? How are regulations enforced? For capture fisheries, stock information must be included.

2. Processing.

This will include information about products produced (e.g. fresh, salted, dried, canned, refrigerated or frozen), technology / technologies used, major inputs and costs. How many people work in the processing sector? What proportion of catch is processed in the region and what proportion is sold out of the region or exported for processing?

3. Transportation. This will include pre and post processing transportation, where applicable. Two things here, first, how important is transportation in the fish supply chain and second, what is the cost of transportation and how has this changed over time. Is transportation a public or private business matter?

4. Final consumption. What portion of the product is sold domestically versus exported? This...