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Business Research Paper

Elloise Johnson, Geovette Simpson, Gilbert Hill, Joshua Mazyad

University of Phoenix



Professor Farhad Brishamkar

September 27, 2010


The focus of our learning team project is on rising health care costs in the United States. The issue of Health cost is occurring all over the world as well. But since the United States is developing the technological advances in health care and other areas, health care costs should be containable through health insurance. People should be able to afford to see a doctor when necessary and be able to obtain prescriptions filled at reasonable prices.

Some Problems

According to the article by Rosenbaum, S. in Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics entitled Insurance \Discrimination on the Basis of Health Status: An Overview of Discrimination Practices, Federal Law, and Federal Reform Options, “ The number of uninsured stands at some 45 million persons, millions more may be poised to lose coverage during the worst economic downturn in generations. In addition, a large number of persons may be seriously under-insured, with coverage falling significantly below the cost of necessary health care. In recent years, the proportion of insured persons who are under-insured has grown by 60% since 2003, reaching an estimated 25 million persons in 2007.”

There is an article by Webb, M. (April 26,2010) entitled Health Care Reform Hold promise for Boosting Insurance options that talks about the health care reform bill that Barack Obama signed into law earlier this year. Webb states “Whether or not the health care reform bill will bring drastic changes to [America’s] small businesses, many of whom cite high r insurance premiums as a barrier to providing health care coverage to their employees, remains to be seen . . . Nothing is likely to change quickly, [since] most of the provisions . . . will not take effect until...