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Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, creating jobs and adding new and innovative products to the market. The Small Business Administration exists to support both emerging and growing small businesses by offering services, tools, and resources at affordable rates. The SBA also offers several loan programs to help those businesses meet demand, acquire needed assets and personnel, and preserve working capital in an undulating market.  Those programs supplement traditional commercial loans, giving small businesses more options when it comes time to seek outside financial help.

7(a) Loan Program

This program is geared toward businesses that have special requirements either because of where they operate or because of new requirements established by laws such as NAFTA. Businesses that operate in rural and underserved areas, exporters, companies affected by new government regulations, and both active and retired military personnel are all included as “special requirement” businesses under this program. Startups can also seek funding through this program.

What do these reasons imply about affirmative action programs? Affirmative action means that an organization must take certain steps to show that it is not discriminating. For example, the organization must analyze the demographics of its current workforce. Similarly, the organization must analyze the composition of the community from which it recruits. If the workforce resembles the community for all job classifications, then the organization may be demonstrating that its affirmative action program is working. If, however, there are differences, affirmative action also implies that the organization will establish goals and timetables for correcting the imbalance and have specific plans for recruiting and retaining protected group members. If it does not, it can lose the right to contract with the government for goods and services.

Coordinating an EEO program creates certain issues. First of all, the...