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VoIP Cost Benefits


Enterprise Network Solutions, Inc.


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Date: November 18th, 2012

Re: VoIP Cost Benefits


Voice over Internet Protocol is the latest and greatest technology that will soon put the traditional landline out of business. The landline has been around for a long time, so I do understand the hesitation for change, but just because a technology has been around for a long time does not mean it is the best technology out there. Technology is constantly growing and outgrowing older technology. VoIP is the next best thing in telephone technology and this company should really consider the benefits listed below.

* VoIP will reduce the overall monthly costs for telephone service because calls over the current PSTN are metered and we pay for the amount taken by the call. With VoIP, there is no metering, so the costs will drop dramatically.

* VoIP reduces the costs for calling long distance and international (up to 40% savings) because the company will no longer have to worry about paying on a high per minute basis for local and long distance. International calls will also be significantly less in costs over the VoIP system.

* VoIP reduces the costs for installing phone lines because it can easily be integrated into an existing network without the need for running extra wires throughout the building.

* VoIP will eliminate the existing phone service and integrate into ENSI's current Ethernet network, eliminating the need for a separate network for the phones.

* Since VoIP will integrate with the existing Ethernet network, VoIP will allow the administrators to focus on one less network, referring to the traditional landline services currently set up.

* VoIP's operating cost will reduce infrastructure and communication cost because VoIP routes phone calls over the existing...