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Week 3 Business Ethics and Social Responsibility Homework ES

1. | Question : | Would you consider purchasing a paper from a website and submitting it as your own? Why or why not? Consider that there is now a website that helps professors check for plagiarism by comparing student papers with millions of online pages using the top 20 search engines. The system even identifies papers composed of bits and pieces of online text. Does knowing this change your answer to the questions above? |


  | Answer: |   | When deciding if I would purchase a paper from an online site and claiming it as my own, I would have to make that an answer to be a no. I wouldn't take another paper for my own because of many reasons. The first reason I wouldn't do it is because that would just be morally wrong. It is not right for someone to take the "easy way out" to gain a better grade that simply. Another reason is when writing a paper it should be showmanship of your own writing abilities. If you were to submit a paper, it should be your own hard work and not someone else's. The website that a professor is able to look at papers is helpful, but not to gain an already written paper. This aids the professor in showing if a student has stolen an entire paper or bits and pieces of papers and combined it into one almost new paper. By knowing this, it would almost seem pointless to buy or to even steal a paper online because there is such a high chance of being caught with plagiarism. |



  | Comments: | Purchasing papers is clearly an unethical thing to do, but students may present several conditions under which they may feel forced to do this. They were sick, or a close relative died, or they had other similar reasons. |



 2. | Question : | Do you agree with the website owner who said posting term papers is improving education by forcing professors to create more challenging assignments?  Justify your answer. |


  | Answer: |   | I agree with that if a...