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11/20/12 (late turn in)

Assignment 2

Future Scenario:

Not really sure what the future has in store for this type of industry. I don’t plan on expanding or anything, I am just strictly making hidden object games. I do believe that years down the road technology will be so advanced and so complex that they will completely do away with cd disks. They won’t need them for anything; everything will revolve around apps or what not. I do plan on having more than one type of hidden object games, meaning that there will be different plots and themes with each new hidden objects game.

Environmental influences:

There is no environmental influence that my product will absolutely need. The only thing that my product has any connection to that would be an environmental influence is the little booklet inside the store bought case; it has all the instructions step by step, rules, and object of the game. Yes, years down the road, games on cd disks will no longer be made everything will be online, downloaded or some kind of app will be made for it. By this time technology will have advanced tremendously. The competition in this industry is very competitive. case.uld be environmental h

Product or Service Description:

My product is hidden object games. My product is part of the online gaming industry. This product is for single players, at one time. It comes on a round cd disk that you can buy at any major retail store, for about $40.00 each. Some games will be able to interact or play along with other users while playing but not on the same computer. The other user has to be playing at a different location. Each hidden object game has a story behind it that it follows along. It’s as if it’s telling you a story for the first time, and each different scene is like a new page in a book. Each game has 10 or more rooms to explore. When you enter the different rooms it will start of by explaining...